Culture: Create a culture in which pharmacy professionals recognise the importance of pharmacy research to the health of the nation and the future of the profession.

  • Recommendation 1: Communicate the value of pharmacy research in enhancing patient outcomes and service productivity to pharmacy professionals and the wider audience, including patients and the public
  • Recommendation 2: Embed research as core activity to inform change
  • Recommendation 3: Establish local research leadership roles
  • Recommendation 4: Establish Professorial leadership for pharmacy research in Wales

Workforce: Develop a flexible and future-proof workforce where research for patient benefit is at the centre of practice.

  • Recommendation 5: Establish a vision and career pathways for the research-active workforce
  • Recommendation 6: Establish a competency framework for clinical researchers
  • Recommendation 7: Establish ways to allow career flexibility to enable combination of research and clinical practice
  • Recommendation 8: Establish well articulated systems of mentoring and peer support for clinical researchers and educators
  • Recommendation 9: Establish a co-ordinated range of integrated research training opportunities
  • Recommendation 10: Work with appropriate providers to identify current and new research training programmes
  • Recommendation 11: Establish joint appointment positions for clinical researchers

Knowledge Sharing: Support the dissemination and application of knowledge through the development of communication infrastructures and lasting partnerships.

  • Recommendation 12: Establish a robust, interactive mechanism for research collaboration and communication with partners
  • Recommendation 13: Establish an interactive live pharmacy research activity database for Wales
  • Recommendation 14: Encourage, support and co-ordinate publication of research outcomes
  • Recommendation 15: Apply published research into practice and policy
  • Recommendation 16: Establish a Research Strategy Implementation Group to determine governance arrangements for future research and manage delivery of the strategy.

Research Priorities: Identify and prioritise emerging research themes for Pharmacy Wales which improve patient outcomes.

  • Recommendation 17: Introduce process for identifying and prioritising emerging research themes for Wales