Research Priorities

We will identify and prioritise emerging research themes for Pharmacy Wales which improve patient outcomes.

In order to progress a high level research strategy there is a need to co-ordinate research efforts and facilitate the gathering of knowledge in a progressive and focused manner. We must facilitate joined up thinking between the different sectors of pharmacy, other healthcare professionals and policy makers and invest in a process to establish Welsh research priorities.

Setting the strategic direction for pharmacy research Wales will be a complex process which must take the following into consideration:

  • the visions being set for the pharmacy profession (and healthcare as a whole) by strategy and policy from the professional sector leads and government
  • local practice-based knowledge gaps.

The research strategy implementation group will facilitate discussions, reviewing strategic direction at regular intervals and reporting on the benefits that research already undertaken has made to healthcare.

Research Priorities (2014)

  1. Quality and Safety
  2. Pharmacy Service Design and Delivery
    • Prudent Healthcare
    • Patient engagement
    • Integration within healthcare team
      • Community-based care delivery
    • Optimisation for complex healthcare needs
      • Long-term conditions
      • Dementia
      • Care of the elderly/ polypharmacy
  3. New Technology/Medicines
  4. Pharmacy Professionalism

What are your Priorities for Pharmacy Research?

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