NHS Wales Chief Pharmacist Group: Pharmacy Research Bursary Awards


The NHS Wales Chief Pharmacists Group have established a Research Bursary Award to enable pharmacists to gain higher educational research skills with an intention to increase the research capacity and capability of the workforce and to address important healthcare research questions. Bursary activities will be consistent with the NHS Wales Chief Pharmacists priority areas, personal development plans and represent a strong likelihood of delivering high quality research outputs.

This Bursary is aimed at Diploma/MSc conversion course level, however alternative equivalent courses could be acceptable. Only course fees can be considered at this stage unless a strong case is made for additional support. This Bursary will be allocated through a competitive process.

NHS Wales Chief Pharmacists priority areas

  1. Driving efficiency: Shifting care closer to home
  2. Reducing medicines related harm: Care home/ domiciliary services and support
  3. Improving patient experience and outcomes: Unscheduled care (ED, CDU, AU, ambulatory emergency care, frail elderly services)
  4. Workforce Modernisation: Workforce productivity and efficiency; skill mix; independent prescribing and advanced practice.
  5. Building capability: Aseptic Services; developing resilience
  6. Improving access to information and bench-marking performance. Improved reporting systems (pharmacy & finance) and data analysis
  7. Efficiency and Savings: Sustainability


Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Pharmacist who demonstrates need for external support to develop their research skills.
  2. Pharmacy health board employee
  3. Support to complete this work by their HB manager and Higher Educational Institution.

Application process

The please download the 2017 application form

This will be a competitive process and will be awarded by the Bursary Management Committee, which will be appointed by the NHS Wales Chief Pharmacists Group.

Closing date

Closing date for submission will be 12th October 2017.

Decision Criteria

The criteria that will be applied to the assessment of applications include:

  • Scientific merit – importance, need, innovation, translation
  • Design/methodology – appropriate
  • Value (money/impact) – including benefits realisation across multiple Health Boards/Trusts in NHS Wales
  • Potential to deliver
  • Consideration to ethics/R&D regulation issues
  • Training environment and benefits to applicant
  • Consideration to any additional requirements of the HEI

Further support

For support and guidance to develop your application, see our guidance resources.