We will develop a flexible and future proof workforce where research for patient benefit is at the centre of practice

Opportunities for the development of a clinical researcher workforce have been available to medical and nursing professions for some time but the need to create equal opportunities for pharmacy professionals is now recognised. This vision must be supported by an appropriately skilled workforce who will have opportunities to access career pathways and relevant training programmes which combine research with clinical practice.

There are five core aspects of workforce which must be addressed to achieve this:


  1. Vision for the research active pharmacy workforce. We will establish a vision and career pathway for the research active workforce and a competency framework for clinical researchers.
  2. Capacity. We will establish ways to allow career flexibility to enable combination of research and clinical practice
  3. Capability. We will establish well articulated systems of mentoring and peer support for clinical researchers and educators
  4. Education and training. We will establish a co-ordinated range of integrated research training opportunities and work with appropriate providers to identify current and new research training programmes
  5. Career pathways. We will establish joint appointment positions for clinical researchers

A research-active workforce in Wales is essential to inform pharmacy’s current and future contribution to the health of the population.