We will create a culture in which pharmacy professionals recognise the importance of pharmacy research to the health of the nation and the future of the profession

Historically there has been a lack of research focus in pharmacy practice. There is now a need to create a strong research culture, which values and rewards meaningful research, to underpin the profession’s engagement in improving patient outcomes and experience and enhancing the health service.

We propose 4 strategic actions to create a robust pharmacy research culture in Wales:

  1. Communicating the impact of clinical research. We aim to communicate the value of pharmacy research in enhancing patient outcomes and service productivity to pharmacy professionals and the wider audience, including patients and the public
  2. Organisational and departmental engagement. We aim to embed research as core activity to inform change
  3. Local leadership, mentoring and role models. We aim to establish local research leadership roles
  4. National leadership. We aim to establish Professorial leadership for pharmacy research in Wales