The skills needed to lead and facilitate research

In November 2015, a 5-year strategic plan was published for Pharmacy Research in Wales. An integral part of this strategy was to develop a research workforce for pharmacy across the managed and non-managed sectors in Wales. In order to fulfil this goal, one of the main recommendations was to ‘establish local research leadership roles,’ initially within each of the eight localities (i.e. seven Local Health Boards, plus one NHS Trust) in Wales.

In order for these new ‘research lead’ roles to be successful, it is important to identify the key attributes required of these individuals. The role will involve leading and facilitating pharmacy research locally. Further educational materials may be required to train the workforce; however, first we need to understand what knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours the ‘pharmacy research leads’ need to demonstrate.

The aim of this scoping exercise was to establish what knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours are required of a pharmacy research lead in order to inform the job specification and provide a framework for the design of a development programme for these new posts.

See the results of the scoping here: Pharmacy Research Lead Scoping Report April 2017 Final