New RPS Toolkit to Develop Research Skills- Join the Pilot

In November 2016, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society launched a new toolkit designed to maps the skills, activities and competencies that relate to leading, supporting and engaging in research. The RPS Research, Evidence and Evaluation Toolkit (REET) will support pharmacy professionals to better understand research and evocation in day to day practice and will act as a support structure to guide professional development with research at its core.

A project will run from February – September 2016 to pilot the toolkit and inform future developments. Join the pilot by contacting the RPS research team: 

The REET can be used independently as a standalone resource or can be used in alignment with the RPS road-map to advanced practice (including RPS Foundation and Faculty programmes). Each activity and related skill are mapped to the differing stages of professional development enabling the REET to be used as part of your integrated professional development journey.

In what we hope will be the first step in a project of continuous improvement we will be assessing the current toolkit asking users to:

  1. assess the relevance and accuracy of the skills and example activies presented
  2. add additional skills and examples
  3. identify the possibly utility of the toolkit
  4. prioritise areas of work and focus for toolkit development
  5. comment on the overall structure and appearance of the toolkit

In July 2017 we will be launching an additional level of functionality that will provide users with access to detailed case studies and outline developmental learning objectives, linking to training, courses and events. At this stage we will be asking pilot participants to:

  1. follow the needs/ gap analysis approach for identifying research skills to develop
  2. assess the additional functionality and case studies presented in terms of appropriateness and detail
  3. assess the utility of signposting to related training
  4. prioritise discrete areas of future work relating to:
    1. additional mapping to national frameworks (e.g. the RPS Leadership Framework)
    2. providing resources to link to RPS Roadmap competencies